Getting up earlier in the mornings to write is starting to become problematic. Earlier in the week, it worked very well but by Wednesday, I was feeling uber tired by 8pm. Last night, I sat down to write a piece about my sister since it was her birthday yesterday. I got about 30 minutes in before I was falling asleep where I was sitting. In retrospect, tapping away on my wireless keyboard while reclined in bed was probably NOT the best idea.

A curious thing about writing when that tired: I edit MORE. I expected the opposite to be true; nonetheless, I found myself fighting the narrative stream appearing on the screen. I spent a lot to time going back and trying to impose order on my scattered thoughts. I am not one of those that believes that being “in the moment” and writing whatever comes out makes for good reading. I might do this in a journal but I’d never want to read that entry again. I certainly wouldn’t subject a reader to the pain of reading that crap either.

I don’t have a word count for what I managed to get out last night before crashing so I’ll have to update my word account again later. It was no where near the thousand I needed. I’m lucky if I got to 400. This puts my significantly behind but I’m not worried yet. When I was writing more regularly, I worked better with large blocks of time. This weekend I work Friday night and Saturday morning so I’ll have big chunks of time to write this weekend.