No NaNo

I decided not to tackle NaNoWriMo. I was secretly considering participating this year but, with most of my evenings in the month of October being eaten up by Rocky Horror Show, I didn’t have time to prepare an outline for Jackal. I’ve made the mistake before of writing without an outline. Some people may work fine without one but not me! Also, Russell and I recently decided that we will be vacationing at the end of the month, which would eat up 10 days- a quarter of the time allotted to reach 50K words.  Meh, maybe next year.

Good luck and happy writing to those who are participating!

A Word from the Oh Crap Department

Ciarán finally has a surname. A Google search reveals that my character shares his name with a long-running UK soap opera character who was created a few years ago.

Jackal character: Ciarán MacCarthy
Coronation Street character: Ciaran McCarthy

Head. Wall. Bang.

I really like both the meaning (Ciarán means ‘little dark one’ and MacCarthy means ‘loving person’) and the sound of this name. I had already planned on using ‘Mac’ instead of ‘Mc’ but it’s still probably too similar.  Should I revert to the Gaelic ‘Mac Carthaigh’ or find another surname entirely?

I’m resisting now but I’ll probably end up finding another surname. I don’t want to have to deal with readers’ previous association with this name.


Online Note Management

I’ve taken to using Google Documents for recording notes and the like for my Jackal project. I like using gDocs because my information is available where ever there is a computer with internet access and a web browser, the content is shareable (or not), it can be exported as a .doc, .html, or posted to a blog and the whole thing is more or less searchable.

At lunch, I played around with Microsoft OneNote and wondered if there are any writers out there who use OneNote to help them organize random musings that are scribbled down for future reference. Continue reading “Online Note Management”

It Begins

Greetings and welcome.

What can you expect from this site?  My goal for this blog is to post what I’m up to, interesting writing-related articles, and possibly writing excerpts, when I get that far.  My broader goal is simply to write as often as possible.  Even horrible writing may become an exercise.  That is what this blog is: exercise.

Hopefully, there will more content for visitors to poke around in soon!