Detesting the Term Webmistress

I’m not sleeping with the webmaster and I’m certainly not sleeping with the entire web. I am the webmaster, not the webmistress. Am I nuts? Does the connotation of the word ‘webmistress’ bother anyone else?

As promised, here is the link to Starrynight Productions. As webmaster, I’d love some feedback.

There are a ton of links that aren’t working yet- virtually the entire navigation bar. This makes me crazy but Russell wants the site up in its entirety, whether the content is there or not. I have convinced myself that, from a testing standpoint, it is more advantageous for people to see where we intend to go with the site and have them comment on that rather than cramming an entire site into a single html file to act as a placeholder. So I apologize for all of the self-referring links. Try and see the vision, folks.

That being said, I’m a total hack. I’m making it up as I go. Perpetual beta. Have any nuggets of wisdom? Send ’em my way! I need to figure out syndication so I can get an RSS feed up for the news section…

While I’m at it, I may as well plug The Babbling Banshee, opening March 19th. This is a great show about Irish storytelling (among other themes). The play is about 45 minutes long and is suitable for all ages, although I think middle school-aged and up will get more out of play. Details on the website.

I would highly recommend coming to see the show at Rachael’s Cafe. Rachael has been amazing in her collaborations with Russell. She will have an Irish stew and boxty (a potato pancake sort of thing) dinner a half hour before the show. Naturally, there will be coffee, tea and baked goods too. Hope to see you there!

Lotion Geysers and Other Tales

My pump hand lotion congealed [any laughs from the Liss sector? Dad?] and shot a beautiful arc of lotion three feet and onto me and my keyboard. Luckily, the keyboard was easily cleaned and the $125 book I was cataloging at the time remained pristine. Nothing like hand lotion to grease up your hair. Grimace.

I haven’t blogged in a while, not because I’ve been particularly busy, rather I’ve had other things to distract me. Russell asked me to get something up for the Starrynight website (I’ll post a link here when I upload it in a day or two) so that has kept me busy. It is my first website using CSS. Wahoo! Goodbye tables. Russell is keeping himself quite busy these days. Two shows in the next two months and starting a production company- whew.

I’ve been reading, although not as much as I’d like. I’m working through the second of Pamela Aidan’s Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman trilogy. It’s Austen fan fiction, which I’ve avoided before Aidan’s work but I am giving it a try and I’m determined to read all three books. Thus far, it hasn’t been nearly as painful a read as I suspected. I put myself in the mindset that this author is NOT Austen, so engross yourself in the author’s vision for the time being and give the writing a fair shot. This attitude has made it more enjoyable for me to read the books. I also have a ton of books checked out from the library at the moment. I’ve wanted to study up on Irish poet Eavan Boland, to re-live the days when I was almost an Irish Literature minor. Come to think of it, Aidan has some interesting portrayals of Irish women in her second book in the trilogy…

I’ve been mellowing out and watching Rurouni Kenshin after work when I should be doing something more responsible and productive, such as researching presidential candidates. I’ve been chatting up various people on the topic but I need to do some homework. I’m too uninformed to have an opinion at this point.

She Loves Her Some Cheese

Words that actually came out of my mouth this evening:

Don’t run over my cheese.

Technically, these words were yelled- at a considerable volume- to an unsuspecting fellow shopper, who narrowly missed running over the dropped half pound of Lorraine swiss. I ran to the deli counter, plucked up the wayward bag of cheese, thanked said fellow shopper, and made my merry way toward checkout, happy to have rescued my cheese from certain squishy doom. And then I realized what I had just bellowed across the produce section. Don’t run over my cheese? Had the words come from someone else, I would have pointed and laughed in a manner that would have surely shamed my mother. I would have run home and recorded the words in a “strange phrases actually heard” book. Oh, no. I am the crazy cheese lady.

Come to think of it, maybe I should start such a book. Does anyone have any strange and/or humorous one-liners they’d like to share?

Of Things that are Good


My public library saves me $275 a month. How much is your library worth to you?

Banging on Random Objects.

Tim (a.k.a., the coolest here’s-a-free-ticket guy ever) let me tag along with him to see STOMP last night at the IU Auditorium. Good times! The show runs tonight also, should anyone be looking for something to do this evening. Ah… geekfest.


I meant to post a review of the movie Perfume: the Story of a Murderer, directed by Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run). I can’t give a full treatment here but I will say that the cinematography alone makes this film worth seeing (not to mention the performances of Dustin Hoffman and Alan Rickman). Imagine the task of trying to convey smell via film. I think this production team pulled it off. This is also a soundtrack I will definitely buy at some point.


The air smelled wonderful this morning. I miss the smell of my rain-soaked woods at home.