Nothing Makes Me Whine Like…

… hours and hours of coding. Since I’m learning, I tend to spend hours trying to do something (like using CSS to mimic a table) before discovering that there is an easier way. Head desk. Live and learn. On a brighter note, the photo gallery for The Babbling Banshee is now up! These photos were taken by the fabulous Chris Eller. I can’t recommend him enough.

As I type, Russell is uploading a video to YouTube. A link will likely appear on the website for that tomorrow.

Also, there was a very nice write-up in the Indiana Daily Student. Hopefully, this will get more people out to the show.

Beware the Ides!

Ah, tis the Ides of March! And… Saint Patrick’s Day?

The Vatican thought it was necessary to move the holiday to the 15th of March this year because St. Patrick’s Day (normally falling on March 17th) occurs during a Catholic Holy week. Huh. You know, I’ve been thinking; Christmas falling on a Thursday this year just isn’t going to work into my schedule. I mean, it’s so close to Solstice and… December 26th. Let’s just switch Christmas to July 18th, m’kay?

Although I jest, calendar history intrigues me. I just spent 20 minutes surfing Wikipedia entries on various holidays, equinoxes, etc.

Ostara. Eostre. Easter.