Sorted Book Fun

I’ve so done this! It never occurred to me to snap pictures though.

Here’s one I composed from a few of the books that are awaiting cataloging. Of the fifty or so books at my desk, about 2/3 are in foreign languages and about half of the English language books are very subject specific. As a result, my ‘title story’ is rather esoteric. Sorry about the fuzzy factor. I only had a camera phone at my disposal.

Conversations with the Conscience
Real Stories, Imagine Realities
The Modern Interior

Feel free to share your own sorted book creations in a comment!

Two Weeks

“Two minutes… get your shit together.” Thanks to Kristen, for introducing me to George Carlin’s “Two Minute Warning,” which I believe is from On the Road.

This is your two week warning. You have a little less than two weeks to register to vote in Indiana. Failing to do so will prohibit you from voting in the November 4th general elections. Not sure if you’re registered to vote? Go here. This site can also tell you useful things such as your polling location and which districts you belong to.

For more information about the election, including candidates, state-level public questions, visit this site.

Let’s play the power back into our hands.


It’s that time of year again! Today marks the autumnal equinox, which in my mind means many things:

Layers! sweaters, cord coats, scarves…
Pumpkin hunting (miss you Mom, Dad, Jes)
Long rides in the woods (miss that too!)
Apple cider
Banned books

Oh yes, Banned Books Week begins September 27th. Head over to your library’s website and place a hold on that “subversive” book you’ve been meaning to read. There’s a list available here or you can read more about banned books from the American Library Association’s website.

Happy fall, Mabon, etc.

Is that a Banana in Your Pocket?

Does anyone have a child I can borrow? I must put him/her in this:

Monkey SuitThere was much in the way of limb flailing and high-pitched sounds, friends. Tim was witness- one of many at an otherwise sleepy Old Navy. Come on, who can’t resist a kid in a monkey suit?

In addition to inappropriate outbursts, Tim was also the victim (willing victim, astonishingly) of a shopping excursion to find something Rocky Horror-appropriate to wear in October (oh yeah, Russ is directing Rocky, info is here). I spent $10 (LOVE secondhand stores) on a skirt that could be altered to work (but I haven’t given up looking yet) and a shirt that I think is a keeper. I’m going for slutty librarian or possibly slutty zombie librarian.

Return your books or I’ll eat your brains.
Return your books AND I’ll eat your brains.


Said shopping excursion returned a mid-length olive-green corduroy jacket, much like the one in my profile pic. Russell is SO jealous (anyone who has seen this man’s wardrobe will know why). He didn’t say so, but his eyes turned greener and it was not due to the reflection of my cord jacket.

More from the ‘fun with camera phone’ department: unidentified small fuzzy mammal (USFM).

Small and FuzzyI spotted USFM in front of the dumpster at Bloomington Liquors this morning. I’ve seen it a few times on my way to work but this was the first time that USFM didn’t scurry away before I could snap a picture. Apologies for the sucktastic quality. I couldn’t get closer (a twitchy one that USFM!) and had to rely on zoom. Cute, whatever it is.

LISTENING: “Look Who’s Evil Now” from Evil Dead: the Musical

Happy Constitution Day

Today marks the anniversary of the signing of our Constitution. I’d like to be able to wax glowingly on how well our elected officials have defended my constitutional rights. Sadly friends, in the last eight years, we’ve suffered from privacy invasions and censorship, while our government has launched illegal wars at the cost of lives and trillions of dollars. I certainly don’t remember asking my elected officials to grossly violate prisoners’ basic human rights in the interest of my security. My country has gotten away from me. Instead of whining and being an apathetic pessimist, I am going to do something about it. Continue reading Happy Constitution Day

Fair Weather in Verona?

Monroe County Civic Theater


September 12, 13, 19 & 20
@ 7 pm

Third Street Park Stage
(between Lincoln & Washington adjacent to the police station)

In the event of rain, Friday, Sept. 12th’s performance will be relocated to Juke Box Center (building next to the stage). There is not a rain location for Saturday, Sept. 13th’s performance.

Today also marks the date of MCCT’s first performance, on September 12, 1986.

Laugh More

According to a recent study, psychological distress and severe life events may increase one’s risk of breast cancer.

Young women who were exposed to a number of life events, should be considered as a risk group for [breast cancer] and treated accordingly.

The good news?

On the other hand, general feelings of happiness and optimism can play a protective role against the disease.

All the more reason to come out to Bloomington’s Breast Cancer Awareness Walk on September 20th. The walk is free, although donations are gratefully accepted. Give a few bucks, make new friends, share loads of smiles.

I’ll see you there.

Gratis Oryza

I visited Free Rice this morning and was pleased to find that they’ve added a few features since my last visit to the site. One may now select a subject area such as English grammar, foreign language, world capitals and chemistry symbols, to name a few. There is also the option to set the difficulty level for each of these subjects.

I was better than I thought I’d be with chemistry symbols. My knowledge of art was pretty rudimentary and my German still sucks. I pwnd English grammar. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I don’t break rules (and often), even though I know better.

Vivid Images, Musical Textures

I’ve had really vivid dreams the last two nights, which is odd, since I haven’t dreamed at all for years (or if I do, I don’t remember them). I woke up this morning feeling off-center again. It’s quite disorienting.

To help combat dream-residue weirdness, I’ve spent my morning listening to the music of ZoĆ« Keating, a cellist who employs looping to weave gorgeous tapestries of sound. At times, her music is subtle and haunting. At other times, one can hear her rock influences being worked into the audio fabric. Give her MySpace listen. She also did a segment with WNYC’s RadioLab. I love the first song in the RadioLab segment, which is a new untitled piece. The interviews are great too because there are points where she is smiling for good portions- you can hear it in her voice.

Bait and Switch

I’ve been floundering for a few days now debating on whether or not to post about McCain’s VP choice. I feel sickened, insulted and a little hopeless. I don’t even feel like posting in full anymore. Instead, I’ll point to some posts of interest.

Why I feel insulted.
This and this are why I feel sickened.

I think time will show that McCain did Palin a disservice. Even if she is qualified for the VP job, discerning individuals will see her appointment as a ploy. This is not to say that she should be underestimated. I have no doubt that, if put into a position of power, Palin would derail many advances made in education, the environment, energy, reproductive rights and GBLT rights. But hey, she’s smart, attractive and not immediately threatening to the masses, unlike that Hillary woman. Grit teeth. Well, wait. I think I feel just as threatened by Palin as the rest of America seemed to feel threatened by Clinton. Both possess the potential to upset the status quo but in vastly different ways. Judgments may be a bit premature and unfair to Palin, who hasn’t had the chance to prove herself… on a national or international scale… eh, right, that’s just the problem, isn’t it?

Three Stages of Anger by J. ArbuckleThe media is at its worst too. I wish I could find where I read this but one news source seemed to claim the simple fact that Palin has Russia and Canada as neighbors to the state she governs MUST translate into Palin having foreign diplomatic experience. Blink. Who is buying this? Palin’s RNC speech didn’t do much to address this specific lack of experience. McCain doesn’t have a particular flair for foreign diplomacy that I’m aware of (I guess warmongering could be considered a policy), it would be nice if his VP choice was strong in this area.

And then there was the ‘Palin is a book-banner’ alert. I first learned of this yesterday via Jessamyn’s post. The gist: Palin contacted her local librarian while she was mayor about banning books and, when the librarian balked, Palin threatened to fire her. Sources are here and here. I was hoping to see more concrete evidence or a statement from the librarian, who eventually resigned. Seriously, Times, NY Times, printing a claim without substantial evidence breeds sensationalism. Try a little investigative journalism, please.

Finally, this is why I feel a little hopeless. As Bethany recently speculated, Palin does seem to hold the appeal-to-the-masses card. I can do all of the groaning and gesticulating I want- if this woman truly represents the People, then I guess I’m outnumbered and nothing will change. Unless, of course, you are a gay couple who wishes to be married, a sexually active teen who hasn’t had the benefit of safe sex education, a rape victim who can’t obtain an abortion even though pregnancy could have been avoided if hormone-regulating contraceptives had not been outlawed, or anyone who wants a planet for humanity to live on in two hundred years- for these folks, things will become much, much worse.

But you know me, where’s the bright side? Er, I’m still looking, although this NY Times piece provided affirmation for a long-held suspicion: the gross national product is higher when a Democrat holds the presidential office. Likewise, the average family income growth is also higher when there is a Democratic president and that growth is more pronounced in the poorest strata of society. The opposite is true when a Republican is president: only the very, very rich see a significant increase in income growth. Compelling.