I just clicked on a PNG file and it opened in Fireworks. Finally! UITS installed Adobe Design Premium CS4 on our work machines. Woo-ha!

In other news, I’m looking to spruce up the blog. I’m seeking out new themes. I’m also debating whether or not to upgrade the Cursedstorm and Starrynight blogs to WordPress 2.7. Decisions.

Holiday Break

Update on my previous post: the package turned up. Yay! Call off the dogs, Comrades.

Henk's Christmas Tree
Henk's Christmas Tree

We had a nice Christmas spent at Mom and David’s. I got some nice goodies and I had more than enough money to get a camera. I’m still playing with settings and doing a lot of consulting in the manual but I hope to start playing with it some more. I played with the color shift setting with this image.

Thanks to Tim for camera-shopping help.

And thanks to Plucky for Guitar Hero (I picked it up from the post office on Friday and still haven’t had a chance to play it yet)!

5 Years or $250,000

That’s the maximum penalty for mail fraud. This morning I tracked a package that was evidently delivered yesterday and “left at the front door” because the package didn’t need to be signed for. Russell just called to report that the package, a gift for someone, is no where to be found. In retrospect, I suppose I should have posted a sign directing FedEx, UPS and DHL to leave all packages at the office, whether they need to be signed for or not (the regular drivers know to do this, but the holiday temps do not).

Maybe the box is sitting in some dark corner of the foyer waiting to be found; perhaps a trusted neighbor is holding it until he sees me next. Send positive thoughts, folks because I can’t afford to replace this gift. This is the second time I’ve lost a package that was left out during the holidays. The previous time, I didn’t know a package was coming and I was out of state at the time of its supposed arrival.

Stealing: NOT in the spirit of the holiday. If you are expecting a package and you aren’t going to be home during delivery, leave a note on your door instructing parcels to be held for you at the pick-up facility. I saw several news items reporting that thieves are swiping boxes off of doorsteps.

Sorry Jessie, you may have to settle for homemade baked goods this year : (

NOTE: things sent via USPS ALWAYS get to me. Huzzah for the United State Postal Service (and Dad’s job security)!

A Zombie Christmas Carol

Mr. Fantastic Fiction is back over at Libba Bray’s blog. Huzzah for paragraph-long sentences! And zombies. In fact, Mr. FF believes that any piece of literature can be improved by the appearance of the undead. Mr. FF offers the following example (and many more):

Moby Dick: Two words—Zombie. Whale.


Mr. FF issued the following writing assignment: chose any piece of “literature” (his quotes, not mine) and add a zombie scene. Hmm… Dickens might be improved by zombies. Perhaps Mrs. Dalloway. Or The Yearling. Emmett Cullen would make a pretty damn terrifying zombie.

Edward (whine): Carlisle, Emmett’s eating Bella’s brains again.

Emmett: … (gnawing)

Rosalie: Yay!

Jasper: (talking over Rosalie) You can’t even read her mind, Edward. Don’t pretend you want her for her brains, you blood-crazed lecher.

Alice: (slapping Jasper on the arm) Jazzy, we LIKE Bella. And Edward loves her for her personality.

Jasper: … (blink)

Rosalie: Hah!

Esme: (shouting from other room) You’re cleaning that up!


A month later and I’m still sick. Last night marks the third night in a row that I haven’t slept soundly.

No hot water this morning. OK, not ideal but something I can handle. I’ll just skip the hot shower and call in the problem after I get to work.

I fall back asleep waiting for medicine to kick in. I awake with a start, grab my umbrella and hurry out the door.

An unrelenting deluge soaks my slacks completely through in forty degree weather on the fifteen minute walk to the bus stop. OK, now I’m pissed, which means I’m crying because all of my emotions are hardwired to my tear ducts, including anger.

I’m done with this day. I’m done with this year. I’m just done.

Photos Up

I finally put up a few photos from vacation. See them here. It occurs to me that they are all of buildings and scenery. Russ and I don’t appear in any of them. If pressed, I suppose we have no real photo evidence that we were there at all. Too bad, I got a cute hair cut before leaving, which feels fabulous now that I’m back to a 30 degree climate.

I should put in a good word for Bob and Bonnie of Noble Manor. We had such a relaxing time and lovely breakfasts while we were there. I highly recommend this B&B!

In other news, a few of you have probably heard me complaining of exhaustion and low appetite over the last fews days. The appetite is back- although I’m beginning to wonder if my stomach shrank or something- and I didn’t feel as tired this morning as I did the previous two mornings. The sinus pressure and headaches, however, have not gone away but this, at least, resembles life for me (I’m a chronic sufferer). I’ve been eating decently and drinking a lot of water today and I plan on getting to bed at a respectable hour tonight. Hopefully, I’ll be alert and sharp tomorrow. I still fear that there’s a plague of mini-zombies inside of my skull, gnawing away at my cerbral cortex. Maybe that’s just aging.