Quit Gnawing on My Hand, Darcy

Remember my post awhile back about writing zombies into classic works of literature? Click on the image below to be taken to the publisher’s website.

Cover for the zombie-packed Regency-era adventure. Available April 15th!
Cover for the zombie-packed Regency era romance. Available April 15th!

“Complete with 20 illustrations in the style of C. E. Brock (the original illustrator of Pride and Prejudice).”

There isn’t a preview available in Google Books at time of posting but, good or bad (worse or better!), I am definitely pre-ordering this.

More RSS

An addendum to my previous post on RSS… I just saw this post “Google Reader for Beginners.” These folks posted a few videos on YouTube to get your Reader started quickly.

I recently started sharing items that I found interesting. I can make a note on a piece of news and those who’ve been granted access can see these items with my comments (if they are also using GoogleReader). Commenting on and sharing news items is much faster than blogging or even Tweeting…


Do yo- [coughhack]

[musters announcer voice]

Do you spend hoards of time trolling from website to website to find new content?

Friend, it is time to make the interweb your bitch.

Learn about RSS readers here.

This 4 minute video explains why RSS feeds will save you time and how to set up a feed reader quickly and easily.

Just about every site worth visiting is using RSS these days. WhiteHouse.gov: yep. Cake Wrecks: uh huh. Garfield Minus Garfield: you betcha.

Deciding which feed reader to use? Try Bloglines or Google Reader. Google Reader is highly recommended.

What are you still doing here? Go learn how the cool kids experience the web.

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Lately, the only chatter on this blog has been housekeeping-related or private (only because those posts were more very specific notes-to-self and incoherent). So I thought I’d update.

I haven’t done any writing although I did some more character sketching over the holiday break (although sadly, I did this on paper so I will have to get that onto the wiki at some point). I fleshed out Ciarán’s background and pondered over relationships some more. I think it will be a challenge getting Ramona’s family dynamic just right, especially if I decide to go with the ‘stolen child’ plot line, à la Irish (and other cultures’) tales of children being spirited away.

I’ve also found that the tone is evolving. At first, there was a strictly fantasy/adventure feel, then horror, and, most recently, a fairytale-like quality. This isn’t necessarily a problem, especially since practically nothing has been written yet. Up until now tone wasn’t something I was even thinking about.

In an attempt to find some inspiration, I’ve been referring to books from Russell’s library as well as IU library to do some research on ancient Egyptian ideas about the afterlife. I have lots of flagged chapters to skim through when I have a free moment.

Books and Plays and Things

I chose to work this MLK Jr Day. I am one of two people present in my unit  and maybe one of ten present in the entire cataloging division. I’m rather enjoying the quiet though.

I am desperately trying to get through Sense and Sensibility before I watch the movie (1995 with Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman), which is now being held for me at the library (and there are more holds so I only have it for a week). I’ve never read it before. In fact, I think Pride and Prejudice is the only Jane Austen novel I’ve read cover to cover. I can’t remember why I put down Emma. I think I get distracted too easily, hence my determination to finish S&S.

I’ve already Tweeted about joining DailyLit, a service in which you receive chunks of the book of your choosing either by email or RSS. I’m reading An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde in hopes of finishing it before seeing the productions staged at IU. More time-sensitive reading.

I’m looking forward to the inauguration tomorrow. I feel as though I ought to do something to celebrate…

Speak like a Child

I feel sick to my stomach and the Casa Brava we had tonight has nothing to do with it. I just read this, an article on CNN.com about a Saudi cleric who ruled that it is acceptable for older men to marry girls as young as 10 years old.

I do not possess the words to express the extent of my revulsion. I tried to keep an open mind. This is a different culture. The Western way is not the only way. As Tammy Pierce points out on her blog, the Torah has some pretty specific things to say about men protecting women. Even in Western history, arranged marriages were known to be performed to join teenagers much younger than most Americans would find acceptable today.

I tried to imagine what it must be like to be the mother of a young child bride. If I object, I have no say in the matter because the court only recognizes the child’s father as legal guardian. If women have so few rights in the eyes of the courts, then a female child is completely powerless. I can’t imagine how that must feel: being taken away from my mother and father, my little sister, my friends, and moved into a strange house where I must share a bed with a man two or three times my age. Ten years old and sold off to make good on daddy’s debts. Perhaps the girl’s perspective is too obvious? What of the bridegroom? I can’t… I really cannot imagine what a child could offer a sexually mature male, even if the sick f*ck is into little girls. So what if the bridegroom promises to wait until the girl reaches puberty- 12, 13, 15? What girl (or boy) knows precisely who s/he is or what s/he wants at that age?

I can no longer put together words.