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I’ve turned off the need to register and log in to leave comments on my blog. Hint.

By Jenny

Dreamer. Reader, scribbler, occasional crafter, movie watcher, scenic walk taker, and enjoyer of all things nifty.

3 replies on “Bloggy News”

Hi Jenny,

Hey, I can leave messages now!!! All others have failed with pass codes and alike. I’m waiting to see the new hairdo! Cell phone pics are fine with me.

Glad to hear you got this package,and in a timely matter. For the post office to insure a package THAT REQUIRES SIGNATURE it’s value has to be DECLARED over $200.00 or no signature required. Bummer! Happy New Year Everyone! Tina

Yeay! I can comment now. I could get a log-in, but, in all honesty, it required just enough work and effort for me to keep putting it off. :-)

Nancer! Yes, this switch was overdue. Oh and thanks for the holiday wishes. We don’t always get signal out at the in-laws’ house but I got your voicemail later. Be well!

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