Answer to the Question

It has always seemed as though there was an answer waiting when I knew the right question to ask. I remember being in grade school and wondering about a certain topic, perhaps even the meaning of a word. I remember hearing the word ennui, which sounded French to me and therefore vaguely dirty. Weeks later, I’d marvel when Life supplies the needed answer, as if Life KNEW I was in need of that answer. By chance, a concept would be explained or a word would be defined or contextualized. As I grew older, I began to realize that answers tended to materialize best when the questions were simpler. The meaning of life? I still haven’t heard anything on that question yet.

I wonder if answers seemed to surface only because I had acknowledged that there was a question to be answered in the first place. In other words, I found my answer because I was attuned to the question. It was just on my radar. So when you’re paying attention, you learn things- kind of obvious, right? I find this is comforting and yet- not. What questions haven’t I been asking? Am I limiting myself by not asking more questions? Better questions? Different kinds of questions? I can’t always know what to ask. I don’t have enough exposure to certain subject areas to even fathom what to ask. Theoretical physics? No. Perhaps I know something about a subject but not enough to embark on deeper understanding. Taoism? I might be able to tell you facts (wow that Eastern religions class was a loooong time ago) but that’s a pretty shallow understanding of a complex religious belief. I need to start asking more questions.

A resolution: a new question, every day, about anything at all- bonus points if it’s a question about a topic that I either know nothing about or that I was previously completely uninterested in. Could be fun. I may even try to blog a few here because I really need to get back into the habit of writing regularly again- just maybe not EVERY day.

This is Not News

I’ve been doing a lot of work in WordPress lately. Unfortunately (or fortunately!) for you, fair reader, all of said work has been on the back end. Now that I’ve wrestled back control of the Oliver Crumb blog, I’ve been able to upgrade it and give it some love (again, all on the back end- it looks pretty much the same on the surface). I also have control of the email accounts at the Oliver Crumb domain again. We’re now using Google Apps for Gmail, Google Calendar, GoogleDocs, etc., on all of Russell’s theatre domains. I’m very happy with it. Thus far we haven’t used Google Apps to it’s full potential but as the company grows, I imagine¬† collaborative workspace will be more and more important.

On the life front, this week got WAY more interesting than originally slated. I’m doing my usual movie night thing tonight. Tomorrow night we are celebrating Father’s Day with Ann and David at Upland. I’m looking forward to seeing the parentals!¬† Thursday night Russell decided that we needed to see the Fantasticks at his alma mater so we’ll be leaving right when he gets home from work to see the show in Terre Haute.¬† Then I have to be at work at 6 in the morning because I will be leaving at noon to head to Normal, Illinois, where Tim and I will hit our first drum corps show of the season. I’ll be seeing my Cavies and the Crown (and many other most excellent corps) at DCI Central Illinois. Pysched! We’ll get back in town sometime Saturday afternoon and then I will FINALLY see Duck Soup Saturday night with the Russell-Mama. If you’ve friended me on Facebook, you may have seen the Duck Soup photos by Chris Eller. Exciting! I’ll be winding up the weekend with a Sunday afternoon shift at Avers. Had I known my week would be this full, I would have requested off the whole damn weekend. Oh well. I hope to have pictures (where permitted, of course) from some of these happenings. I’ve been shamefully bad about using my camera lately.

My blogs have been an epic ‘crickets chirping, tumbleweeds blowing’ kind of quiet lately but I’ve been posting away to Twitter and Google Reader.

Currently reading: Nothing. Oh, sorry, I’ve been reading Jane Austen: Her Life and Letters via DailyLit on my iPod, usually while I’m on the bus. Other than that, nope, nothing.
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