A Cliched Saying about Cracked Eggs Might Apply to this Rant

Warning: I am clearly overdue for an extremely angry rant. Arguments below are admittedly not well-thought out (hence angry). Tomorrow, I may rescind half of what is here. Blog. Personal rant space. Angry. RAWR!

According some recent speculation out on the interwebs, every person in India (estimated population 1.17 billion people) is NOT entitled to a small, affordable, “green” car. However, every American (current population about 300 million) is entitled– and has been for the last 60 years– to own a large, gas-guzzling vehicle with laughable emissions standards. These same American cars are being produced by companies that donate millions to political campaigns and hire lobbyists to convince Washington that tougher, greener standards will hurt the blah blah… ARGH!

We Americans have massively fucked up on the whole carbon footprint issue and so you know what, no, I’m not sure we get to weigh in on whether the Indian auto industry is doing the right thing, not until we change our habits. Continue reading A Cliched Saying about Cracked Eggs Might Apply to this Rant


Puddles is 200- posts that is, quite young by web standards. A babe!

When I realized that the 200th post loomed near, I wondered how best to usher in the terrible two’s. A retrospective? Ugh, lame, that’s what archives are for. An introspective account of the usefulness of blogs as self-therapy? Gag. Cake? Candles? No, I’m going to let this one slip quietly by. Let this post be merely a milestone.

Happy 200th PIP.