Getting up earlier in the mornings to write is starting to become problematic. Earlier in the week, it worked very well but by Wednesday, I was feeling uber tired by 8pm. Last night, I sat down to write a piece about my sister since it was her birthday yesterday. I got about 30 minutes in before I was falling asleep where I was sitting. In retrospect, tapping away on my wireless keyboard while reclined in bed was probably NOT the best idea.

A curious thing about writing when that tired: I edit MORE. I expected the opposite to be true; nonetheless, I found myself fighting the narrative stream appearing on the screen. I spent a lot to time going back and trying to impose order on my scattered thoughts. I am not one of those that believes that being “in the moment” and writing whatever comes out makes for good reading. I might do this in a journal but I’d never want to read that entry again. I certainly wouldn’t subject a reader to the pain of reading that crap either.

I don’t have a word count for what I managed to get out last night before crashing so I’ll have to update my word account again later. It was no where near the thousand I needed. I’m lucky if I got to 400. This puts my significantly behind but I’m not worried yet. When I was writing more regularly, I worked better with large blocks of time. This weekend I work Friday night and Saturday morning so I’ll have big chunks of time to write this weekend.

WrAnyMo Reality Check

WrAnyMo Progress

2883 / 30000

I’ve found a new advantage to the daylight savings time switch: I’m awake an hour earlier, which means that yesterday I had almost an hour of writing time before getting ready for work.  I managed to get more than half of the review done for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I finished the review this morning. What slowed me down in posting the review was all of the editing, tweaking and expanding that I was doing during the process of writing and after I was done writing. As it is, I KNOW there are still errors in the review I haven’t caught.

The review isn’t as thorough as I’d like but I’m never going to get to 30,000 words this month if I keep obsessively editing everything I write so that I can publish it on one of the blogs. This might mean that I’m posting less of my writing output (I hadn’t planned on posting any of my creative writing but I hoped that SOMETHING might be shared).

I am a little worried about keeping a steady flow of ideas so I’ve been less attentive to my RSS feeds the last few mornings and more intent on using bus ride time to brainstorm.  Every idea gets a new draft in my WordPress app (oh ho, that’s ANOTHER topic, the new WordPress 2.0 app <grumble>), which I’ll expand into a fuller post. Later, I can sort out whether I want specifics posts to be either public or private.

Things I’ve learned thus far:

  • Don’t over-edit. In some cases, don’t edit at all.
  • It’s not necessary to post everything.
  • Wi-fi access is good if I’m finishing a public post and need to add links but very distracting if I’m trying to sit down and write creatively for a solid hour.
  • When writing fiction or non-fiction, flag words, phrases or facts I’m unsure of and move on.

I noticed that my previously posted WrAnyMo meter was wrong (I used the NaNo 50,000 instead of my 30,000 word count goal), so I updated that post. I’ve included a progress bar widget on Puddles so that I don’t have to worry about including it on each post. I can’t do the same on Jottings because it will break my theme. The count above is where I’m at currently.

I hope to do some catching up tonight!

Review: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Today’s WrAnyMo offering (if you haven’t read my post on WrAnyMo, it is here) is my take on the much talked of– on this blog anyway– Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Some spoilers to follow. I tried to keep them as few and mild as possible; nonetheless, you are warned.

The happy couple.
The happy couple.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: the Classic Regency Romance, Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem
by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith.
Philadelphia: Quirk Books, c2009.
319 p. : ill. ; 21 cm. $12.95
to Publisher.

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.”

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I Reject Your Rules and Insert My Own

NaNoWriMo began yesterday. I am not participating.

Others who are not partaking of the NaNo: Kristen, who is busy shopping her first novel and has already started her second; The INTERN (whose blog is worth a looksie) is sans NaNo; and heck, countless authors1 aren’t participating– OK, fine, writing is an author’s JOB, so really, November is just another month… but STILL.

I’ve seen a number of alternatives to ‘let’s write a 50,000 word novel in one month,’ in which, might I add, ONE WEEK is killed if you travel home for Thanksgiving2. NaNoReVisMo, or, Nation Novel Revision Month, was proposed by The INTERN. While I have no desire to jump into writing a novel at the moment, revising a previous work is tempting; however, I wrote my last novel when I was in JUNIOR HIGH. That is not revision. That is printing the abomination and burning it. That is ripping out the drive containing Abomination and smashing it pieces. That is reworking characters and plot and completely rewriting Abomination as a brand new work. Right, perhaps not.

Kristen had a thought: make a pledge to blog every (or almost every) day in November. BEDN isn’t as catchy an acronym as BEDA (Blog Every Day in April); nonetheless, the suggestion is still in the spirit of focusing on writing output.

I will be writing this month. It may come in the form of scenes, character studies, short stories, blog posts, reviews, textual criticism or whatever else I feel like writing at the moment. I should probably keep a word count goal in mind. 50,000 words is rather arbitrary when taken out of the novel context but I do wish to keep quantity the focus.  I’m going to reduce the quota to 30,000 words in 30 days. There is no science to this number, I just like the number three. And what the heck should I call my little project?

  • At Least I’m Writing Something Month (AtLImWriSoMo)
  • Write Anything Month (WrAnyMo)
  • Write, Gorram It (WriGoIt)

In the interest of not agonizing over the appropriate name/abbreviation all day, I will settle with WrAnyMo. I don’t want to cross-post everything I publish here on Puddles (and vice-versa) so I’ll Tweet links to all public posts, regardless of where they appear, using the tag #WrAnyMo2009.

I started yesterday on a creative piece and only hit 506 words but some blogging should quickly up that count and get me back on track for the slightly late start.

To Star and Jenn and everyone else who is doing NaNoWriMo: YAY! RA! GO! Best of luck : )

WrAnyMo Progress

1092 / 30000

1. A mighty triumvirate of seriously cool women YA writers, Maureen Johnson, Laurie Halse Anderson, and Melissa Marr, have confirmed that they are not participating this year. Maureen has pledged to give NaNo advise throughout November, which is sure to be just the thing you need for procrastination and a chuckle. Back to text.

2. Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday, not because of the significance behind it but because of how it is celebrated: with family. I am not driving 12 (Jersey)-16 (Mass.) hours each way only to spend the whole visit 1.) feeling guilty for ignoring my family in order to meet my quota or 2.) feeling guilty for spending time with my family and not meeting my quota. If I make it back this year, it will be the first time in two years I’ve been home. I’m damn well making the most it. Back to text.