Grizzly vs Voter

Last week, I saw two articles regarding a speech given by Sarah Palin that disturbed me in an entirely new way. According to these articles, Palin “freely used” and “started tossing around” the word feminist/ism in a recent speech to the political action committee, Susan B. Anthony List. There was similar fuss about Palin’s “mama grizzlies” rhetoric. Predictably, these articles sent me into a Google Reader comment rant. I was on the verge of sharing said rant (now deleted) when I realized Continue reading Grizzly vs Voter

Angora Cats or Lap Poodles?

I was reviewing a peer’s text encoding work for the Indiana Authors and Their Books digitization project (site not yet public) and found this gem from a medical text, Worry and Nervousness, or, the Science of Self-Mastery, by William S. Sadler, M.D. (Chicago: A. C. McClurg & Co., 1914). All emphasis below is my own.


The nerve hygiene of single people, childless married people, old maids, bachelors, widows, and widowers, deserves special attention. As a class these people are given to a great deal of thinking about themselves, while they are usually quite without a definite aim and purpose in life. There is a great tendency for this class to become selfish, self-centered, while the tender emotions of natural affection and love are so little exercised that the unselfish social instincts become stunted. There is a great tendency to develop a peculiar temperament and an eccentric disposition. Continue reading Angora Cats or Lap Poodles?