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In which I mourn the passing of a childhood pet and console myself with a shiny object.

As a follow-up to my previous post, I’m feeling almost completely better. I’m not sure what was wrong. Whatever the ailment, my experiment showed that it wasn’t lactose-related. Maybe I had a bug, maybe it was stress. Le meh.

We lost Bobbi last weekend. Boo-cat was 19 years old. I don’t have any pictures of her handy (they’re stored at the apartment) so I couldn’t post anything. Not that a measly blog post is a worthy tribute to the pet you grew up with. She’ll be pretty hard to forget though–if nothing else, there are scars. I think Boo thought I was a cat when I was a smaller Jen-person. I think I thought I was a cat when I was a smaller Jen-person. We played hard.  ::sigh:: Miss you, Boo.

On a significantly lighter note, it is with great anticipation that I await the arrival of my new SHINY. I ordered my iPhone 4 on Monday, about a month sooner than I thought I would be (Russ’s phone died so we ended up doing all of the switching around of lines and accounts a month before our contracts were up).  I’ve been seriously considering buying a Shiny (and not just dreaming like before) for a over month now. I am hopelessly attached to my iPod Touch–I don’t go anywhere without it. It’s high time I consolidate devices and get rid of this LG (the replacement that AT&T sent for the Motorola that I lost) with its hideous touch screen! AT&T Guy anticipates that Shiny will arrive sometime next week or the week after.

Next time: trying new recipes, knitting progress, and searching for a car that I might like to buy in a year or two.

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Shiny? Is your Mom’s fondness for stainless steel rubbing off? Have fun with your new one.

Jes was showing me pic of Bobs last night at 11:45. ugh! I sure need my beauty sleep. I can email you some if you want. Love Mom.

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