Tim, Sara, Ne and I went out for ice cream last night. Here are a couple photos of my housemate doing her thing.

Natalie's post-ice cream high. Natalie also post-ice cream.

I made dinner last night: lower-sodium stuffed bell peppers. I altered a recipe found here. Sara kindly supplied the marinara sauce (recipe here), as we couldn’t find a low-sodium version in stores. Instead of ground round I used turkey and black beans. It came out pretty well–except that the recipe didn’t call for cooking the green peppers before stuffing and 45 minutes was NOT enough time to cook the peppers (actually, I added 10 minutes to what the recipe said). Next time I will cook the peppers first and then stuff and bake them.

Now I am off to DCI Quarterfinals. GO MAD, GREEN MACHINE!


In preparing for a number of transportation scenarios that may materialize as a result of the divorce (one in which I keep the Civic and one in which I’m driving a borrowed car for some time), I’ve been thinking about what kind of car I’d like to get in the somewhat distant future. It’s enormous fun specing out car options but I’m also trying to be realistic. In the event that I don’t have a car, here’s what I’m thinking of working towards buying but first, the CRITERIA. Continue reading Vroom


Calli picks up knitting too.

I’ve been making slow progress on the scarf. Jessie showed me a new stitch to try to mix it up a little. She also SAVED me when I dropped a stitch. Woo!

The last two Wednesdays, I’ve made dinner at House Johnson, which entails low-sodium cooking. Two weeks ago, I adapted my usual chicken pot pie recipe into a low-sodium variety using Sara’s bechamel instead of the usual condensed soup. It turned out decently. I’m going to explore ways to amp up the chicken flavor for the next time I make it. Last Wednesday, I tried a low-sodium, low-potassium meat loaf recipe. We could not find low-sodium ketchup in our grocery stores so we substituted low-sodium tomato sauce and I added in a tablespoon of Sara’s homemade pickled relish. It turned out alright but the recipe really does need ketchup. More tweaking to be done! When I come up with a recipe worth sharing, I’ll do so here.

This week I didn’t have any ideas until AFTER the weekly grocery shopping was already done but in the meantime, I will explore ways to make my stuffed pepper recipe lower-sodium.