A Cliched Saying about Cracked Eggs Might Apply to this Rant

Warning: I am clearly overdue for an extremely angry rant. Arguments below are admittedly not well-thought out (hence angry). Tomorrow, I may rescind half of what is here. Blog. Personal rant space. Angry. RAWR!

According some recent speculation out on the interwebs, every person in India (estimated population 1.17 billion people) is NOT entitled to a small, affordable, “green” car. However, every American (current population about 300 million) is entitled– and has been for the last 60 years– to own a large, gas-guzzling vehicle with laughable emissions standards. These same American cars are being produced by companies that donate millions to political campaigns and hire lobbyists to convince Washington that tougher, greener standards will hurt the blah blah… ARGH!

We Americans have massively fucked up on the whole carbon footprint issue and so you know what, no, I’m not sure we get to weigh in on whether the Indian auto industry is doing the right thing, not until we change our habits. Continue reading A Cliched Saying about Cracked Eggs Might Apply to this Rant

This is Not News

I’ve been doing a lot of work in WordPress lately. Unfortunately (or fortunately!) for you, fair reader, all of said work has been on the back end. Now that I’ve wrestled back control of the Oliver Crumb blog, I’ve been able to upgrade it and give it some love (again, all on the back end- it looks pretty much the same on the surface). I also have control of the email accounts at the Oliver Crumb domain again. We’re now using Google Apps for Gmail, Google Calendar, GoogleDocs, etc., on all of Russell’s theatre domains. I’m very happy with it. Thus far we haven’t used Google Apps to it’s full potential but as the company grows, I imagine¬† collaborative workspace will be more and more important.

On the life front, this week got WAY more interesting than originally slated. I’m doing my usual movie night thing tonight. Tomorrow night we are celebrating Father’s Day with Ann and David at Upland. I’m looking forward to seeing the parentals!¬† Thursday night Russell decided that we needed to see the Fantasticks at his alma mater so we’ll be leaving right when he gets home from work to see the show in Terre Haute.¬† Then I have to be at work at 6 in the morning because I will be leaving at noon to head to Normal, Illinois, where Tim and I will hit our first drum corps show of the season. I’ll be seeing my Cavies and the Crown (and many other most excellent corps) at DCI Central Illinois. Pysched! We’ll get back in town sometime Saturday afternoon and then I will FINALLY see Duck Soup Saturday night with the Russell-Mama. If you’ve friended me on Facebook, you may have seen the Duck Soup photos by Chris Eller. Exciting! I’ll be winding up the weekend with a Sunday afternoon shift at Avers. Had I known my week would be this full, I would have requested off the whole damn weekend. Oh well. I hope to have pictures (where permitted, of course) from some of these happenings. I’ve been shamefully bad about using my camera lately.

My blogs have been an epic ‘crickets chirping, tumbleweeds blowing’ kind of quiet lately but I’ve been posting away to Twitter and Google Reader.

Currently reading: Nothing. Oh, sorry, I’ve been reading Jane Austen: Her Life and Letters via DailyLit on my iPod, usually while I’m on the bus. Other than that, nope, nothing.
Currently listening: “Anodyne,” Down and Above

Great Big Music

Great Big Sea at Bluebird, Bloomington, Ind. March 4, 2009Meant to post about the Great Big Sea concert a week ago but er, life. To sum up: awesome. The boys were well-rested and were just starting to tour again. The music was excellent but the balance was bad at certain points. Sean was drowned out a few times. From our vantage point, Bob was blocked by a tower of speakers but we could see him about half of the time. Nonetheless, they played a good mix of old and new music. A few of the new songs I appreciated more live. For instance “Oh Yeah” (off their new album Fortune’s Favour) didn’t thrill me at first listen but it was better live (and looks like it’d be fun to play). The photo is courtesy of Tim because my phone took terrible pictures.

I would be completely remiss if I didn’t laud Scythian too. These D.C. lads are a blast. Here’s a terrible-quality photo. I hope to see more of them in the future (they’re playing the Troc in Philly on St Patrick’s Day for those following along at home). They’ll also be at the Dublin Irish Festival this year (not sure we’ll be making this).

**Just in** GBS frontman, Alan was recently cast in Ridley Scott’s untitled Robin Hood film (Universal Studios) starring Alan’s buddy Russell Crowe. For more info, see my Twitter feed for the news links.

Speak like a Child

I feel sick to my stomach and the Casa Brava we had tonight has nothing to do with it. I just read this, an article on CNN.com about a Saudi cleric who ruled that it is acceptable for older men to marry girls as young as 10 years old.

I do not possess the words to express the extent of my revulsion. I tried to keep an open mind. This is a different culture. The Western way is not the only way. As Tammy Pierce points out on her blog, the Torah has some pretty specific things to say about men protecting women. Even in Western history, arranged marriages were known to be performed to join teenagers much younger than most Americans would find acceptable today.

I tried to imagine what it must be like to be the mother of a young child bride. If I object, I have no say in the matter because the court only recognizes the child’s father as legal guardian. If women have so few rights in the eyes of the courts, then a female child is completely powerless. I can’t imagine how that must feel: being taken away from my mother and father, my little sister, my friends, and moved into a strange house where I must share a bed with a man two or three times my age. Ten years old and sold off to make good on daddy’s debts. Perhaps the girl’s perspective is too obvious? What of the bridegroom? I can’t… I really cannot imagine what a child could offer a sexually mature male, even if the sick f*ck is into little girls. So what if the bridegroom promises to wait until the girl reaches puberty- 12, 13, 15? What girl (or boy) knows precisely who s/he is or what s/he wants at that age?

I can no longer put together words.

Essence of Eew

singleThis just in the from the AP:

The home of the Whopper has launched a new men’s body spray called “Flame.” [Burger King] describes the spray as “the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat.”

The fragrance is on sale at New York City retailer Ricky’s NYC in stores and online for a limited time for $3.99.

NOT sexy.

Of night and light and the half-light

I subscribed to Boston.com’s The Big Picture a few months ago and have seen some really beautiful photos from around the world. Today the site features photos from Mumbai. One photo in particular really moved me. The lighting makes the woman’s hands look like those of a statue, every wrinkle and vein seemingly hewn out of stone. The woman wears a dark veil and her face is shadowed. The points of warm light from the candles in the background make a great contrast to the cold lighting in the foreground: “Enwrought with golden and silver light… Of night and light and the half-light”. It’s the kind of picture that is moving even out of context.

I remember (Great) Grandmom Green having a little statue of two hands praying… at least I think that was what it was. The memory is pretty fuzzy now.

Note to Self: Don’t Kill

If you are one of two thousand people waiting outside of a large chain store, waiting for your chance to get an awesome Black Friday deal on a plasma TV, a few things should be apparent to you.

  • First, the crowd surrounding you is mix of old, young, frail and hale; however, even the young and spry possess, at best, a rather breakable human body.
  • Second, it should occur to you that two thousand people will not fit through a narrow opening simultaneously. Physics, bitches, it works.
  • Third, when two thousand people begin running toward said narrow entrance, a bottleneck will occur. This will likely result in bodily harm to mob members as well as any hapless individual in the mob’s path.

Some may blame Wal-Mart for today’s death and multiple injuries and yes, I agree, this store appeared to be negligent but people ran. over. that. man. and. killed. him.

I wonder what those first couple hundred people through those doors this morning must be thinking now, as they watch the story recapped on the evening news on their brand new fifty inch plasma TVs.

Follow Your Star

News I’m excited about:

DCI just announced that the alumni of Star of Indiana (the same folks who later created Blast) will be giving an exhibition performance at the 2010 World Championships in Indianapolis. Star will be doing a ‘best of’ from their past shows.

They MUST do Medea from their 1993 show (the corp’s final year before being disbanded after placing 2nd in World Championships). See the show here and here. I love how minimalist the show design is. At first, the drill is easy to discredit with it’s simple geographic geometric designs repeated thematically- until you realize that those kids are running back and forth across the field, forty to fifty yards at a time, for almost the entire closer. That requires incredible air control. My lungs hurt.


I just popped over to the Herald Times Online for my usual local news perusal during lunch and saw this article (must have subscriber access), describing the animals saved (and lost) at Delilah’s Pet Shop (on the corner of 17th St and College Ave) in this morning’s fire. This was the smoke I noticed from the stadium while waiting on the bus and later, from the third floor of the library. : /

I appreciated one of the many comments on the article, which suggested donating one dollar to the Monroe County Humane Association for every pet that lost its life today (by last count $22). I’m definitely short on my annual giving for this year, so I’ll be putting a check in the mail this week.

Warm thoughts to the owners, employees, pets and rescue personnel.