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No Joke

It is entirely coincidental that this long-overdue blog post is appearing on the first of April. “Jen! Are YOU doing BEDA?”

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So We Came to February

I closed out January with five stitches in my thumb (first time getting stitches– first visit to the emergency room). Surely, I can do better in February. Reading Sharp object encounters aside, January was a pretty good month. I managed to read quite a bit more1. Listening to the audiobook versions of S&S and MP […]



Puddles is 200- posts that is, quite young by web standards. A babe! When I realized that the 200th post loomed near, I wondered how best to usher in the terrible two’s. A retrospective? Ugh, lame, that’s what archives are for. An introspective account of the usefulness of blogs as self-therapy? Gag. Cake? Candles? No, […]


BEDA Wrap-up

My final BEDA. I have to say I’m glad it’s over. I like the exercise of writing every day but I do not like the idea of having to PUBLISH these daily scribbles for the world to see. My writing this month has been crap. I’m not capable of being ‘on’ all of the time. […]

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Stop and Smell the Flowers

If the announcement that I will be starting a new position didn’t tip you off, you might be able to deduce as much from my sudden rash of library-related posts. Over the last two weeks, my brain has been switched into overdrive. This is all well and good but I’m beginning to think that maybe […]

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BEDA 01: A Beginning of Sorts

Today marks the beginning of BEDA, Blog Every Day April, spearheaded by YA author Maureen Johnson (#BEDA for those following along on Twitter). I’m join in, seeing as I’ve been terrible about blogging consistently. Can’t promise where my post will appear (I’m primary author on two blogs and an admin on three others), but I […]

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Post from Pan

Testing WordPress for iPhone app. I can post to multiple blogs either on or offline with my iTouch (Pan). There doesn’t appear to be a way to include hyperlinked text, so I’ll write out the HTML here. Ah, the app saw that I was inputting a link and gave me a helper. It appears that […]


PIP 2.0

Welcome to Playing in Puddles 2.0. The site is very much a work in progress and you’ll probably see many changes aesthetically (if not functionally). Apologies, I have a new shiny toy.