Holiday Break

Update on my previous post: the package turned up. Yay! Call off the dogs, Comrades.

Henk's Christmas Tree
Henk's Christmas Tree

We had a nice Christmas spent at Mom and David’s. I got some nice goodies and I had more than enough money to get a camera. I’m still playing with settings and doing a lot of consulting in the manual but I hope to start playing with it some more. I played with the color shift setting with this image.

Thanks to Tim for camera-shopping help.

And thanks to Plucky for Guitar Hero (I picked it up from the post office on Friday and still haven’t had a chance to play it yet)!

Photos Up

I finally put up a few photos from vacation. See them here. It occurs to me that they are all of buildings and scenery. Russ and I don’t appear in any of them. If pressed, I suppose we have no real photo evidence that we were there at all. Too bad, I got a cute hair cut before leaving, which feels fabulous now that I’m back to a 30 degree climate.

I should put in a good word for Bob and Bonnie of Noble Manor. We had such a relaxing time and lovely breakfasts while we were there. I highly recommend this B&B!

In other news, a few of you have probably heard me complaining of exhaustion and low appetite over the last fews days. The appetite is back- although I’m beginning to wonder if my stomach shrank or something- and I didn’t feel as tired this morning as I did the previous two mornings. The sinus pressure and headaches, however, have not gone away but this, at least, resembles life for me (I’m a chronic sufferer). I’ve been eating decently and drinking a lot of water today and I plan on getting to bed at a respectable hour tonight. Hopefully, I’ll be alert and sharp tomorrow. I still fear that there’s a plague of mini-zombies inside of my skull, gnawing away at my cerbral cortex. Maybe that’s just aging.

Web Albums

In anticipation of the many photos I hope to be taking, I’m reevaluating web album options. I’m sticking to free services, since I’m not a photographer, just someone who occasionally takes photos. I want all of my photos in one place where I can share, organize and access them from anywhere.

I already have an account at Flickr (which I haven’t used since I created it back when Puddles was a bloggy-fetus) but I’ve noticed that Flickr is sometimes slow to load, even with the connection I have at work. Picasa is another option and, because Google services have taken over my life, it seems like an obvious choice. There is also Zooomr (for more info, see here– it’s irritating that this info isn’t easily accessible!), which seems to have more tagging muscle for meta-obsessed Jennies.

It would be nice if there were some sharp widgets for WordPress for whatever web album service I go with too.


LC and Flickr Team Up

I read over on the LC blog that the Library of Congress launched a pilot project recently with Flickr. LC uploaded over 3,000 photos (all out of copyright) to a Flickr account in hopes of learning something from how users tag photos. LC wishes to capitalize on the social tagging in Flickr in order enhance LC’s metadata. Flickr is using this collaboration to launch their new project, The Commons, and to gauge demand from other museums or libraries for similar partnerships. See? Libraries CAN play nice with social websites.

Undoubtedly, LC isn’t the first library to use Flickr to house a photo collection but there isn’t a higher-profile library than the LC in North America. This will get noticed. I’m glad to see the LC taking a more aggressive user-centered approach to metadata creation.

I LOVE the 1930s-40s color collection (seriously, LC, did you post this collection just for me? Gush.) There were tons of photos of women working on war birds (a fascination of mine, women and their contributions to WWII- especially on the air front), but this was the only photo I found of a black woman doing so. Click on the photo for a high resolution image; you can see her chipped, red nail polish in the reflection. Love.

JenSpace and Flickr

Originally uploaded by cursedstorm

I set up a flickr account over a year ago just to see what the fuss was about. I uploaded three photos and then promptly ignored the account. I am not a huge picture-taker. If you were to collect photo evidence of my existence between the years 2004-present, you would probably be compelled to file a death certificate. I’m that bad about taking pictures. I’ll try to work on this. In the meantime, who wants to chip in for a new digital camera? Takers?

A useful thing I learned today: how to organize my photos into sets. I have one set with a total of THREE photos (and all so originally titled). Nice. I was happy to see how easy it was to post to your blog directly from flickr by listing your blog in your flickr account. I’m not sure I liked how I customized the photos to post, but it’s easy to change later.

So above is a year-old pic of my desk. These days it is considerably moreā€¦ lived in (read: messy- a sure sign of productivity!).