Posts that Might Have Been

I didn’t leave enough time to blog today. I was busy dancing among TEI elements and figuring out how the XML editor, <oXygen />, works. Also: eating strawberries, cataloging one or two books, learning about dinosaurs (via cataloging) and doing more research on bird watching iPhone apps.

Things you may have been lucky enough to read, had I made time for it:

  • Parenthood, culture and the media, specifically, not being a parent, since that is the only side of the spectrum I understand (inspired by Qnarf and Star’s recent posts).
  • MORE about my new job including, but not limited to: furniture scrounging in dark corners of the library, window real estate, and the spurning of all things print and print-centered paraphernalia: pencil sharpeners, bookshelves and filing cabinets.
  • How I desperately hope my new plants hang in there!
  • Plans for writing.
  • Plans for reading.
  • Plans for eating.
  • Plans for movie watching tonight (or lack thereof!)
  • How the YouTube video I wanted to include for last week’s interlude was taken down by CartoonNetwork (Henchmen 21 & 24 going active again to the tune of Holst’s “Mars” in Venture Brothers)

Maybe I’ll actually get around to blogging about one of these items before April is out. Today, is blog fail but you’re over it.

Stop and Smell the Flowers

If the announcement that I will be starting a new position didn’t tip you off, you might be able to deduce as much from my sudden rash of library-related posts. Over the last two weeks, my brain has been switched into overdrive. This is all well and good but I’m beginning to think that maybe these library-related posts belong somewhere else. I am really, REALLY hesitant to ask Tim to do yet ANOTHER WP install. I know that he says it’s easy but I am aware that I’m eating up resources. On the other hand, I’m afraid that I’m boring people with shop talk. Puddles was always meant to be a personal blog. I’ll think on this a bit more. In the meantime, even though I have tons of libraries thoughts at this very moment, I’m holding off and providing you, dear reader, with something truer to Puddles posts of past (hows THAT for alliteration).

First, the weather was AMAZING today. So beautiful. I decided that the hibiscus I recently bought could tolerate the 15 minute walk to the bus so I schlepped it into work. The hibiscus is currently in a 6″ pot and is quite bushy. The roots may be a bit compacted though, as the plant looks like it is pushing itself out of the pot a little. I have a 10″ (maybe 12″?) pot to transfer it to. In addition, I bought a pair of still-small bougainvillea on Monday at May’s Greenhouse. Tim was very nice to humor me for this excursion. For a moment, I could see that he was very tempted to walk out of there with a $100+ bonsai : ). I will have to snap some pictures. Both plants are blooming (the hibiscus is red, the bougainvillea is orange) and I *think* the artificial light at my desk will suit them. If not, I’m fairly certain they will like my new south-facing window desk, which I’ll probably move into next week.

In other news, Russell just started rehearsals on Duck Soup for the Merry MAC Players of Martinsville. I often blame Russell for evening distractions that prevent me from getting things done. Even though it’s really not his fault. Well, now I don’t have that excuse. I should look at budgeting my evenings better.

And Then There was Distraction

I’m going through my GoogleReader bookmarks again. Here are a few stuffs I found.

Dirty Librarian Chains. There are quite a few unique-looking necklaces and bracelets (and rings and earings too). They are out of my price range but fun to look at. I like Archive, Due Date, Publication and Source Bracelet in particular but I find others pretty too. A few of the piece names gave me a chuckle, like Sudocs. Clearly, someone in this company knows the library world. It’s probably not a coincidence that the jewelry line’s acronym is DLC, which is also the OCLC library code for the Library of Congress.

Pauline from DCPL's CommonsDCPL Commons. Washington D.C. Public Library recently joined the numerous other libraries now on Flickr’s Commons. They don’t have much up yet, but I expect that to change in the near future. This picture is from the Color Images set. Apparently President Taft had a pet cow.

European Library Web Exhibit. Beautiful old libraries are almost as appealing to me, historically and aesthetically, as the treasures that these buildings house. This site best for the casual browser. There is no search function, which is wildly irritating.  They have a few different indexes: Buildings, Countries, Reading Rooms and Specials (I assume the later refers to special libraries). The display of results in the Buildings index doesn’t seem to be much different than the other indexes, so it’s a bit confusing. Platform faults aside, there are some pretties to be looked at here.

Grow Your Own: Fresh Air. This is a short TEDTalks delivered by Kamal Meattle on how the addition of common household plants can improve air quality in the home and office, improving health, wellness and productivity.

To find other TEDTalks, see this spreadsheet for a complete listing by speaker, title, summary and publication date. Includes links.

This linkalicious post is brought to you by Distraction.