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The Weekend, an Account

A negative side effect of Blog Every Day in April: I’m constantly reminded of how dull I am. And now the rest of the world knows it too. Fail. Well, for those still following along at home, here are some highlights from my weekend. The style sheets for the Starrynight Productions website were magically fixed. […]

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Note to Self: Don’t Kill

If you are one of two thousand people waiting outside of a large chain store, waiting for your chance to get an awesome Black Friday deal on a plasma TV, a few things should be apparent to you. First, the crowd surrounding you is mix of old, young, frail and hale; however, even the young […]

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Is that a Banana in Your Pocket?

Does anyone have a child I can borrow? I must put him/her in this: There was much in the way of limb flailing and high-pitched sounds, friends. Tim was witness- one of many at an otherwise sleepy Old Navy. Come on, who can’t resist a kid in a monkey suit? In addition to inappropriate outbursts, […]